Welcome to my writing blog…

What’s a writing blog? Well, a place where I can store all my thoughts on writing, being a full-time author, and what it means to be an author in today’s market.

And this site is about the circus that is my life. How I balance being a work-at-home author, a ‘cop’s wife,’ the mother of an extremely intelligent ADHD teen, guardian to three cats (one of which isn’t really mine), and an aging beagle. Somehow between all the chaos, I manage to get books written. Still not sure how. That’s a miracle for another day…

(the needle scratches across the record)

That’s what I intended for my blog to say when I first got the idea to get my thoughts on writing together for any writers out there (published and unpublished) who might need a little encouragement and inspiration.

Since then, the ADHD teen is no longer a teen and is working as an EMT (and is still as ADHD as ever.) One of the cats and the beagle have both crossed the rainbow bridge 😦  But I’m still writing books and my life is still a joyous circus! Come join me!

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Thanks for visiting!!

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