My Favorite Genre

I had the honor of joining a women’s book club for their December meeting. These ladies are always a joy to visit, and I had a wonderful time as usual. (If I’m lucky maybe they’ll invite me back next December <wink, wink>).

After the meeting, I was lingering in the driveway talking to the hostess. While chatting she said something to the effect of, “But Amish is your favorite to write, right?”

I stuttered. Is Amish really my favorite to write? It’s certainly my bread and butter. But Amish is not where I started my career. I wanted to write contemporaries–specifically romantic comedies and western contemporaries. But is that enough?

Somehow I gave her an answer that seemed to suffice, then I got into my car for the nearly half-hour trip back to Tulsa. All the way home her question echoed through my thoughts. Is Amish my favorite? Or is it westerns? Where do rom-coms fit into the picture?

The more I thought about it, the more confusing it became. So I asked myself, “If you can only write one type of book for the rest of your life, what would it be?”


And I immediately answered western contemporary.

No, wait. If I only write Westerns, then I wouldn’t be able to write that Amish story that’s burning a hole in my brain. Nor could I write that 1940’s movie rewrite with the Russian hero. And what about that pirate time travel, the crazy bewitched series, and all the other ideas in my head that aren’t Western or Amish?

favorite-genreI admit that I can be a branding nightmare. I love romances and I love mysteries. I love women’s fiction and chick-lit, and well…books. I love westerns, historicals, billionaire heroes, sweet Amish romance, and well…almost everything.

So this question doesn’t have an answer. It makes me think about those questions the younger girls I worked with at the mall would ask each other. “Would you rather lick the floor in the mall bathroom or eat something out of the common area trash?”


So I’m going to file this question with those from back then–completely unanswerable. Not even if I wanted to!

What’s my favorite genre to write? All of them!

What’s your favorite genre to write and can you write only one type of book forever? I’d love to hear from you!


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